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1 On 1 Consulting, Inc. will assist our clients with the implementation of their system. The level of involvement is dependent on the specific needs of each client. We are involved throughout the implementation process to insure the success of the project. 1 On 1 Consulting will monitor every step of the implementation process and take a partnership role with you in implementing our software with dedicated resources. The "typical" activities that occur with this level of service include:

  • Project Management
  • Development of Project Plan
  • Conversion Assistance
  • Interfaces to Other Systems
  • Project Reviews
  • Software Installation
  • Product Consulting
  • Technical Consulting
  • Screen/Forms Customization
  • Customer Service


This service is based on a time and material basis and final projected costs can only be determined after an in-depth discussion of your needs. The costs for Consulting and Implementation Services are dependent on the type of work required and experience level of the client staff. 1 On 1 Consulting, Inc. will work with you to assemble the appropriate project team for your organization.   Please contact us for detailed pricing information at dskerry@1on1consulting.com.

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